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Amazon Web Services - Key Management Service (KMS)

The course is part of these learning paths

Security - Specialty Certification Preparation for AWS

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Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Preparation for AWS - Feb 2018

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AWS Security Services

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AWS Access & Key Management Security

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Course Introduction
Key Management Service
Key Management Service Basics21m 24s
Key Management Service Demonstrations18m 58s
Course Conclusion
Start course
Duration44m 15s


About this Course

KMS stands for Key Management Service. KMS is a service provided by and managed by AWS. The service allows you to easily encrypt your data with protected keys that cannot be exposed to anyone in plain text. The service is regionally based across all AZs in the region making it highly available with full auditing functions to encrypt your data at AWS and within your applications.

In this course you will learn:

The basics of KMS
What it will cost to implement
How to implement a key and encrypt data
Which services can be used with KMS
Other uses for KMS

We'll demonstrate the following:

Making a CMK
Encrypting EBS volumes
Encrypting S3 objects
Encrypting RDS storage
Auditing the use of encryption

About the Author

Tom an active AWS Consultant creating and deploying AWS solutions for over five years. He has worked on numerous projects that involve everything from small lean startups on a tight budget to massive commercial Enterprises that have large-scale budgets with large-scale requirements that must be met even no matter the cost. Tom has worked for several of our United States government agencies taking the agencies to the cloud by migrating solutions from on-premise data centers to the AWS cloud in a secure solution while reducing their overall cost to operate and maintain the solution.

Personally Tom spends his available time riding his bicycle, sampling a good wine or two, enjoying a good meal and watching Formula One races.