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With the AWS Solutions Architect Professional level certification, Amazon sought to identify individual administrators who are truly platform experts. Unless you've got some significant experience with AWS deployments and good familiarity with the full range of Amazon services, you probably won't have a chance at passing.

However, with this series of Cloud Academy courses, cloud expert Kevin Felichko is committed to making your learning process as smooth and productive as possible. Once complete, Kevin's guide to the Solutions Architect Professional level exam will lead you through the theoretical and practical skills you'll need to master this material.

This first course covers the key conceptual terminology and services that form the base for Amazon cloud architecting. The second course will guide you through fully-realized practical deployments, from start to finish. And the final course (late August, 2015) will focus on exam preparation and, in particular, strategies for confronting the particularly complicated style of question you'll face.

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AWS offers low-cost, highly scalable, Enterprise Applications to companies of all sizes and across all industries. These applications which can be costly to implement and manage on their own, help users collaborate no matter their location or device.

The first service offering is AWS WorkSpaces. AWS WorkSpaces is a desktop computing service that runs flavours of Microsoft Windows. It can use a pre-defined bundle of applications that can include Microsoft Office or you can create and deploy your own bundles. It integrates with directory services such as Active Directory or AWS Directory Service.

WorkSpaces is accessible from any device including standard desktops, smartphones, and tablets, as long as the device has an Internet connection. WorkSpaces is perfect for distributed workforces, especially workforces with a 'bring-your own-devices' policy, even if the workforce is not distributed. If you need to centrally manage common environments and bundles then WorkSpaces might be the right choice for you.

Pricing for WorkSpaces is based on virtual hardware specs, such as virtual CPUs, memory, and storage. There is an additional cost if you choose to use pre-existing bundles that include Microsoft Office and more.

WorkDocs formally called Zocalo is a fully managed storage and sharing service similar to Microsoft SharePoint. Users can collaborate on files, communicate updates easily, and publish their work. It is accessible from any device; anywhere you have an Internet connection. It integrates with Directory Services in order to protect access to your documents, by people and their the roles within a company, department or project.

It makes sense to use WorkDocs if you need to collaborate within a workforce, especially a distributed workforce. It also makes sense to start using this service if you have manual workflows and approvals since it can be accomplished easily with the built-in functionality offered by WorkDocs. You can use this managed service to host documents that share company knowledge, that should not remain in information silos.

Pricing of WorkDocs is per user-opted 200 GB per month. After a user reaches 200 GB of storage, you are charged for each additional gigabyte in terabyte tiers. Pricing varies by region.

WorkMail the newest Enterprise Application offerings from AWS is a secure cloud-based, email and calendar service that supports many email clients, on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It is a fully managed service that integrates with the directory service of your choice. It includes a fully featured web client.

WorkMail is an alternative to other services such as Microsoft Office 365. It is perfect for companies that cannot host their own on-premise or EC2-hosted email services, whether that is due to cost, lack of resources or lack of desire.

Like WorkDocs, you are charged per user, only you get up to 50 GB of storage instead. Enterprise Applications are growing in AWS and will continue to get better.

You may not encounter a single question on the exam that ask about them, however it is important to know that they exist and that they offer an alternative to self-hosted solutions.


About the Author

Kevin is a seasoned technologist with 15+ years experience mostly in software development.Recently, he has led several migrations from traditional data centers to AWS resulting in over $100K a year in savings. His new projects take advantage of cloud computing from the start which enables a faster time to market.

He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others while constantly learning new things. He has been building elegant, high-performing software across many industries since high school. He currently writes apps in node.js and iOS apps in Objective C and designs complex architectures for AWS deployments.

Kevin currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for PropertyRoom.com, where he leads a small, agile team.