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Service Limitations


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All AWS services have default service limits and AWS WAF is no exception. This lecture looks at the primary service limitations of AWS WAF. For example the number of Conditions per AWS account, Rules per AWS account and Web ACLs per AWS account. Which limits can and cannot be increased is also explained.


Hello and welcome to this short lecture where I shall explain the limitations of the WAF service.

Most AWS services have default service limits that can vary over time from region to region. For AWS WAF, some of the default service limits can be increased by logging a request by the AWS support center. These conditions are as follows, conditions per AWS account, rules per AWS account, and web ACLs per AWS account.

By default, the conditions and rules are currently set to a limit of 50 and the Web ACLs have a default limit of 10.

As an example within these default limits, you could have five Web ACLs, each with 10 rules and five conditions in each rule. Or 10 Web ACLs with five rules and 10 conditions configured within each rule.

It's good practice to check the service limits page on the AWS site to confirm the latest AWS WAF service limits.

For small to medium solutions, these limits will more than likely be more than adequate, especially as you can assign the same Web ACL to different CloudFront distributions without affecting these limits. If, however, you are a large enterprise, and you find you are reaching these limitations, then do be aware you can request an increase.

Unfortunately, not all the limits can be increased. The following are the static limitations that currently cannot be changed. I won't run through all these individually but feel free to pause the video and take a look at these static limits.

These limitations also make a good reason to implement a reactive rule policy to ensure you are only configuring rules and conditions that need to be configured.

That brings us to the end of this lecture. Although it was short, it is important for you to understand the AWS WAF service limitations. Knowing these limitations can influence how you architect and design your WEB ACLs. In the following lecture, we'll look at how AWS WAF works with AWS CloudFront.


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