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Course Summary


Overview of the course
Course Intro
Introduction to Azure AD
What is Azure AD?
Secure Access to Azure AD
Integrate Securely with Azure AD

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AZ-500 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
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AZ-103 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Administrator
course-steps 15 certification 6 lab-steps 9
AZ-203 Exam Preparation: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
course-steps 20 certification 1 lab-steps 7
AZ-301 Exam Preparation: Designing a Microsoft Azure Architecture
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Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
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Azure Services for Security Engineers
course-steps 8 certification 4 lab-steps 3
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Azure Active Directory, commonly referred to as Azure AD, is Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management service in the Cloud. It manages users, groups, and applications along with their access to other applications and resources running in the cloud. This is exactly what we have with traditional on-premises Active Directory. Azure AD runs as a cloud service and thus can be thought of as Identity and Access Management as a Service.

This course is an introduction to Azure AD security and covers topics related to securing users, groups, devices, and applications as well as cover hybrid identity infrastructure solutions and much more!

What You'll Learn in this Course

Lesson What you'll learn
Overview of the Course Overview of the course and the Learning Objectives
Introduction to Azure AD An intro to Azure AD and Cloud Security
Secure Access to Azure AD Discuss users, group, apps, and RBAC
Integrate Securely with Azure AD Azure AD Connect, Identity solutions, MFA, and App Integration
Identity Management Discuss Identity Management and premium features
Summary Summary and Course Wrap-up



Let’s wrap-up with a course summary.

In this course we focused on securing our Azure environment using Azure AD. We’ve learned:

how to securely connect users and applications through the Cloud
We’ve learned about the different Azure AD SKUs and how to choose the best edition that matches your organizational needs
How to use tools such as Azure AD Connect to integrate your on-premises infrastructure with Azure AD and the different Hybrid Identity solutions
And we learned about different Azure AD Identity Management strategies

For more information on Microsoft Azure Security, please visit the Trustcenter which offers templates, guides, and tools to help architect and plan around Microsoft Azure with a focus on security and compliance.

I hope you’ve learned a lot in this Azure AD Security course. This is Christopher Jackson at Cloud Academy. Until next time, G’luck!

About the Author

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Chris has over 15 years of experience working with top IT Enterprise businesses.  Having worked at Google helping to launch Gmail, YouTube, Maps and more and most recently at Microsoft working directly with Microsoft Azure for both Commercial and Public Sectors, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team in architecting complex solutions and advanced troubleshooting techniques.  He holds several Microsoft Certifications including Azure Certifications.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys movies, gaming, outdoor activities, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.