AI Services in Azure

AI Services in Azure

In this course, you will learn how to create a chatbot to answer support questions about specific products and services. Along with this, you will learn how to combine the Azure Bot Service and Azure QnA Maker and to add speech input and output capabilities to help customers on mobile devices and those with impaired sight.

This course requires some previous knowledge of Azure and coding.

Learning Objectives

  • Create and configure an Azure QnA Maker knowledge base
  • Create an Azure Bot Service chatbot that answers questions
  • Enable speech recognition and synthesis on an Azure chatbot

Intended Audience

  • Those interested in artificial intelligence services on Azure, especially chatbots


  • Previous experience using Azure
  • Previous experience with writing code


The GitHub repository for this course is at


Our goal in this course is to build a chatbot that can answer questions about a particular product based on a Frequently Asked Questions page for that product. The idea is that this bot could handle basic technical support requests from customers. I’ll also explain how to give a bot the ability to accept spoken questions and to respond verbally, which would make it easier to use for people with impaired vision and people on mobile devices.

Building this sort of application from scratch would take a huge amount of effort, but luckily, Microsoft has a number of services that are designed to help us build one. 

The most important one is Azure Bot Service, which has the core components needed for a chatbot. It also integrates with Azure Cognitive Services, which is a collection of pre-built artificial intelligence tools. These services let you add AI capabilities to applications even if you don’t know anything about machine learning.

For example, the Language Understanding service, otherwise known as LUIS, can be used to help your bot better understand the meaning of messages it receives from users. 

In this course, we’ll be using another language-related service called QnA Maker. It lets you create a knowledge base from collections of questions and answers. That’s exactly what we need for our chatbot.

Another useful service in the Cognitive Services suite is the Speech service, which can be used to add voice capabilities to a bot.

In the next lesson, we’ll get started building our chatbot, so if you’re ready, go to the next video.

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