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Certified Developer for AWS - Conclusion



The conclusion to our Certified Developer for AWS Learning Path.

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So a couple of exam tips. Try and do at least 500 quiz questions. Quiz questions are a really fantastic way just to sharpen your subject matter knowledge, and to get you into the thinking, so you can think quickly though these questions, because you don't have a lot of time. And you need to not waste time trying to remember things that you could've remembered by just practicing a little more. Do as many of the labs as you can, because the labs give you that hands-on experience with the console, so that effectively you can close your eyes and visualize the console options and think straightaway yes, I can do that, or no, I can't. Remember, the developer exam is not trying to test your detailed knowledge of AWS services. It's looking to prove that you know enough about how to use them, the use cases, and to have a good handle on the services that are available and when you should use them. So by all means, I think go back over any of the content that we've been through, just to refresh yourself. You can do it at double speed if you like, just to make it quicker. And also try to highlight through the quizzes which areas you think are still your weak areas. Do that last quiz, see how you go, and if you're getting over 70 or 80%, fantastic, go book the exam. If you're still finding you're getting some simple ones wrong, then go through and do the course again. Like, you don't want to waste your money going and sitting the exam and failing it. You're good enough to pass it. You've got everything you need to pass it here. You just need to brush up a little bit if you still feel underconfident in any areas. And by all means reach out to us if you want any more information on those areas that you'd like to explore more. And remember this is just step one towards you becoming an AWS certified expert. Let's get this developer exam under your belt, and then you can go on to do the SysOps or DevOps professional, or even the solution architect associate and professional. Fantastic qualifications to have. Right, well, good luck. And please let us know how you get on. Reach out to us at support@cloudacademy.com. Good luck.

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Andrew Larkin
Head of Content
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Andrew is fanatical about helping business teams gain the maximum ROI possible from adopting, using, and optimizing Public Cloud Services. Having built  70+ Cloud Academy courses, Andrew has helped over 50,000 students master cloud computing by sharing the skills and experiences he gained during 20+  years leading digital teams in code and consulting. Before joining Cloud Academy, Andrew worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.