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What is an SQS First In First Out Queue and when should I use it?

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This course is made up of short "Byte sized" white board lessons showing you how to use some of the latest AWS services.
Currently we have short videos explaning: 
What is an SQS First In First Out Queue and when should I use it?
Bastion hosts and NAT Gateway - What is the difference?
Amazon SQS versus Amazon SNS - What is the Difference?
Autoscale Limits - what are they and how do I change them if I need to?
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About the Author

Learning paths22

Andrew is an AWS certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefit from AWS technologies. Andrew has worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.  His favorite Amazon leadership principle is "Customer Obsession" as everything AWS starts with the customer. Passions around work are cycling and surfing, and having a laugh about the lessons learnt trying to launch two daughters and a few start ups.