Collections in Java

Course Overview
2h 16m

In this course, we'll learn the Collection framework and the Map Interface.

Learning Objectives

  • Collection Framework vs Array
  • Hierarchy of Collection Framework
  • List interface - ArrayList Class
  • Iterator Interface
  • Set Interface
  • Queue and Dequeue Interfaces
  • Map Interface

Intended Audience

  • Anyone looking to get Oracle Java Certification
  • Those who want to learn the Java Programming language from scratch
  • Java developers who want to increase their knowledge
  • Beginners with no previous coding experience in Java programming
  • Those who want to learn tips and tricks in Oracle Certified Associate – Java SE 8 Programmer certification exams


  • No prior knowledge is required about the Java programming language
  • Basic computer knowledge

Hi there. In this section, we'll learn the Collection Framework and the Map  Interface. The topics we will learn in this chapter are: First, we'll touch on the difference between the collection framework and the array we used before. We'll explain why arrays are not enough. Next, we'll talk about the hierarchy of the collection framework, what it's used for and its benefits. Later, we will examine in detail the List  Interface and the ArrayList class that implements this interface. Later, we will learn about the Iterator  Interface and how to use it. Then we will learn about the Set  Interface. Then we will learn about Queue and Deque  Interfaces. Finally, we will learn about the Map  Interface. If you're ready, let's start.


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