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Assigning Guest User Licenses Demo

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SharePoint is a useful tool that provides a wide range of settings to manage files and ensure they are kept secure. This course will take you through how to manage and configure those settings and ultimately give you the knowledge to create SharePoint sites, manage their access down to a user level, and allow for external guest access.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to plan external sharing settings in SharePoint
  • Learn how to manage access configurations
  • Understand how SharePoint tenant and site settings can be managed effectively

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wants to implement SharePoint in their operations.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



Sometimes organizations had a need to add external users within their directory.

As we mentioned in a previous lecture existing guests is an option for external sharing settings and as such sometimes it is necessary to manually add external users into your directory.

In order to do so we need to navigate to our Azure Active Directory admin center.

So here we are in the Microsoft 365 admin center which we can navigate to any admin center but we'll go ahead and choose our Azure Active Directory.

Here we can go into the user options and see all of the users currently within our directory

Right now I currently have three John Smith, Lee M, and Mia Macaroni all of which are members of my organization.

If I wanted to add a desk user into this environment I can actually just click on this new guest user button either create a user or invite a user and fill out the information here.

I'll go ahead and type the name and email and once that’s signed out I can go ahead type a personal message and invite them.

Once that invitation has been set you'll see that that member is now in the active all users under my directory and I can see that Lee macaroni is currently a guest within my environment.

Now if I needed to give them actual permissions to a license or a specific type of work I can actually click on that user and see all of the information about them but I want to go to licenses here.

I can click on assignments and I can choose which licenses I would like to give them whether being communication credits Microsoft Viva insights for Office 365 E5 I can choose which ones I would like to give and then cherry pick which options I would like to assign them.

However currently in my setup I don't actually have another seat for E5 so once I could save it's going to say that this failed saving seeming as how I don't have another license to assign.


But that is easily enough fixed by simply purchasing another one and adding it directly through here if needed.

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Lee has spent most of his professional career learning as much as he could about PC hardware and software while working as a PC technician with Microsoft. Once covid hit, he moved into a customer training role with the goal to get as many people prepared for remote work as possible using Microsoft 365. Being both Microsoft 365 certified and a self-proclaimed Microsoft Teams expert, Lee continues to expand his knowledge by working through the wide range of Microsoft certifications.