What is ArtBook?
What is ArtBook?
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This course focuses on a concept known as core data, which will allow us to store our data in a database. We'll then show you how to apply this concept to a real-life app which we will build called Art Book.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to create a local database allowing users to save data on their phones using core data

Intended Audience

This course is intended for beginners who want to learn how to build apps using Swift.


To the most out of this course, you should have some basic understanding of programming and computer science in general.


Hi, within this section, we're going to learn how to work with databases with a tool called Core Data. In order to do that, we're going to build an Art Book in which our user will actually save the art that he or she would like. Suppose that she is going through a museum and she likes the Mona Lisa, she takes a picture of it and she saves the picture. She writes down the name of the art, okay?

Like Mona Lisa here, she writes down the painter and the year that this painting has been created. And she saves this art by clicking on this 'Plus' button, okay? And choosing the image that she has taken. So, suppose that we're going to save the Starry Nights next, so she chooses this picture, okay? From the gallery and it shows up as you can see, and she says that she is staring, this is Starry Nights and the artist is Van Gogh and the year that this painting has been created is 1900. As you can see it shows up in the list and if she clicks on this, she sees the details of the picture or details of the art that has been saved before. We're going to learn how to do that within databases. So, as you can see we're going to learn a lot more things in this app as well. For example, how to choose an image from the gallery, how to make this button not clickable, how to make this button invisible, how to just save all this information in a database so that even if this app gets closed or opened up later on, this information will stay on. We're going to see how to delete those information from database as well. So, this is going to be great in order to practice working with local databases, and by local I mean we are storing all of this information in the memory of the iPhone. So, if you're ready, we're going to stop here and we're going to continue within the next lecture by creating our project and doing the initial setup for our Core Data.


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Atil is an instructor at Bogazici University, where he graduated back in 2010. He is also co-founder of Academy Club, which provides training, and Pera Games, which operates in the mobile gaming industry.

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