Cryptocurrency Deep Dive
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This course covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including what they are, their origins, their economic impact, and the future of crypto.


Welcome to this section in the course, which is all about understanding cryptocurrencies wholly. In this lecture, I just want to give you an all around introduction to this section. Then we're going to dive in and immerse ourselves in understanding everything related to cryptocurrencies fundamentally. This is our aim here in this section. So, let me give you a rundown of the lectures we'll be going over to help us achieve our aim. One, what are cryptocurrencies? So, in this lecture we'll be discussing the essence of cryptocurrencies, helping you to come to terms with something you may just know as a word right now. Hence you can be fully assured we will be breaking this down for you, ensuring you understand cryptocurrency at their core. Two, how cryptocurrencies came to be. Following on from what cryptocurrencies are, we'll be diving into how cryptocurrencies actually conceptualized. As with anything, it's important to understand the roots if you wish to attain a true grasp of the core values that come along with it. Three, how the cryptocurrency ecosystem works. In this lecture, we'll be discussing how everything comes together in this decentralized ecosystem to make it work. One of the things we'll be talking about, other players involved, for example, miners and just why their job is so important. Four, how cryptocurrencies are created. Following on from miners within this lecture, we'll be talking about how cryptocurrencies are actually created. This is heavily focused on miners. On top of that, I'll share a personal stories of mine with you when it comes to visiting a mining farm in Iceland, I'm sure you'll find it fascinating. Five, what gives cryptocurrencies value? This lecture is something I'm sure will intrigue many of you. It's generally what entices people. They want to know why some cryptocurrencies are so valuable and other cryptocurrencies not so valuable. Well, all will be revealed in this lecture as well as the metrics many used to place their own value upon cryptocurrencies. Six, the economic impact of cryptocurrencies. Have you ever considered what impact cryptocurrencies have had on the economy? Well, in this lecture we'll be discussing all of that, because the fact of the matter is, cryptocurrencies have. Now, cryptocurrencies are one of the biggest wealth creators of this generation. So, we must discuss the impact it has had on the economy. Seven, will cryptocurrencies continue to have value? Over here, we lose track on the amount of times Bitcoin has been pronounced dead. It's a given that the market is volatile but we may as well as many other experts strongly believe in the vision of cryptocurrencies. Not all of them to make that clear. So, in this lecture we'll be discussing why cryptocurrencies will continue to have value. Eight, how to use cryptocurrencies anywhere. Now, if you have ever thought that it's difficult to use cryptocurrencies, in this lecture I'll be showing you an extremely frictionless way to use cryptocurrencies in your daily life. In fact, I'll also show you a way in which you can save a considerable amount of money by doing so. Nine, cryptocurrency taxation. Towards the end of the section we're going to discuss the boring part to some but a very important part I must say. It's all about how cryptocurrencies are taxed around the world. I'll be sharing some golden pieces of advice here, so be sure to tune in to that lecture. We'll then round-off with a lecture summarizing this section. But as a whole, that is how this whole section is structured to help you grasp the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies clearly. This will be your complete guide to understanding the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies before we move on. Other than that, that's everything for this lecture. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture where we'll be going over what cryptocurrencies actually are.


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