Data Management on Google Cloud Platform
Introduction to Data management on Google Cloud Platform

Data Management is critical for all server infrastructures - whether cloud-based or earth-bound. Even small applications need to process, manage, and digest large quantities of data, either as files, objects, or items in a database. So it's not surprising that all the major cloud platforms provide multiple data management solutions.

This course, designed and produced by our expert Linux System Administrator David Clinton, offers a great overview of the data solutions available from Google. You will see Google's two managed DBMS, its Object Storage service, and BigQuery - the Big Data service into which Google poured its years of experience performing analytics and queries on massive datasets.

Who should take this course

"Data Management on Google Cloud Platform" is a beginner level course, so it's available without any special prerequisites. Nevertheless, you might benefit by first going through our "Introduction to Google Cloud Platform" course for a more general view of the whole GCP family. Also, some experience with the Linux CLI might be helpful for those videos that include terminal operations.

After this course, you might want to try "Getting Started with Google Compute Engine",to round out your GCP knowledge. And after that, check out our Google quiz questions: Test yourself and increase your understanding at the same time thanks to our exclusive learning technology.



Hi, and welcome to's video series on Google Cloud Platform Data Management. In this course we'll explore some of the key Google Cloud tools currently available for handling data.

There is of course a virtually endless range of uses when confined to the internet, but nearly everything you'll do will probably on some level require access to some kind of data. Whether it's a dynamic customer database, inventories of commercial stock, documentation, or videos, whatever it is, you'll need places to store, organize, process, and access it. You'll also need to make sure it's backed up and secure. Google has the tools for the job. Through this course, we'll look at Datastore for a schema-less database management, Cloud SQL which is an industrial strength relational database system built to be largely compatible with MySQL, Google Cloud Storage a low cost, high availability repository for digital objects, and BigQuery which allows SQL-like queries against massive data sets. Whatever you deploy to the internet, you'll have to deal somehow with data.

Google Cloud is one provider that offers some convincing solutions.

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