Deploying a container application to Kubernetes Engine using pods
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*** NOTICE: This course contains outdated information and has been deprecated ***

This course has been designed to teach you how to deploy and implement Google Cloud Platform solutions. The content in this course will help prepare you for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to deploy Kubernetes Engine resources on Google Cloud Platform
  • To learn how to deploy and implement App Engine and Cloud Functions resources
  • To learn how to use Cloud Launcher and Deployment Manager

Intended Audience

  • Those who are preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam
  • Those looking to learn more about GCP networking and compute features


To get the most from this course then you should have some exposure to GCP resources, such as Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Launcher, and Deployment Manager. However, this is not essential.


In this lesson I'm going to explain how to deploy a container application to Kubernetes Engine using pods. After explaining the process, we'll jump into a demo in the next lesson where I'll show you how it's done. 

For this lesson and the next, we'll take a basic web app as an example. We'll run that web app on a Goggle Kubernetes Engine cluster. 

When deploying a container app to Kubernetes using pods, you need to complete a series of steps. You first need to package the app into a Docker image. Once the app is packaged, you need to upload the image to a registry. From there, you need to create a container cluster to host the app. 

With the container cluster created, you can then deploy the app to the cluster and then expose the app to the internet. 

In the next lesson, I'm going to walk you through the process of deploying a containerized web app to Kubernetes Engine.

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Tom is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, having worked in environments as large as 40k seats and as small as 50 seats. Throughout the course of a long an interesting career, he has built an in-depth skillset that spans numerous IT disciplines. Tom has designed and architected small, large, and global IT solutions.

In addition to the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure MCSE certification, Tom also carries several other Microsoft certifications. His ability to see things from a strategic perspective allows Tom to architect solutions that closely align with business needs.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys camping, fishing, and playing poker.

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