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DEMO: Installing the Stackdriver Agent for Monitoring and Logging

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This course has been designed to teach you how to deploy network and compute resources on Google Cloud Platform. The content in this course will help prepare you for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand key networking and compute resources on Google Cloud Platform
  • Be able to explain different networking and compute features commonly used on GCP
  • Be able to deploy key networking and compute resources on Google Cloud Platform

Intended Audience

  • Those who are preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam
  • Those looking to learn more about GCP networking and compute features


To get the most from this course then you should have some exposure to GCP resources, such as VPCs and Compute Instances. However, this is not essential.


One of these skills that the certification exam expects you to know is how to install the Stackdriver Agent on a virtual machine. In this demonstration, we're going to do exactly that. 

To install the Stackdriver Agent on a Windows VM, we first need to RDP into the server, so that's what I've done here. On your screen here, you can see I'm logged in to VM1. Now that I'm RDPed into the VM instance, I'm going to download the agent installer by browsing to the URL that you'll see here in my browser. 

With the agent downloaded, let's just walk through the installation process here. We'll go ahead and select Yes on the UAC prompt. We'll select our language. And then, just walk through the wizard here. Now, it's important to note that when you run this installer, you must run it from a non-system directory. That means you can't download this installer to the root of C: or to C:\Windows and then expect to run it. If you do that, it won't run. This is actually a security feature. So if you do download it to the root of C:, just move it to maybe your Downloads folder or to your Documents folder before you run it. And once I'm done here, the agent installation is complete. 

So, with that said, let's wrap up this lesson since you now know how to download and install the Stackdriver Agent on a compute instance.

About the Author
Thomas Mitchell
Learning Paths

Tom is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, having worked in environments as large as 40k seats and as small as 50 seats. Throughout the course of a long an interesting career, he has built an in-depth skillset that spans numerous IT disciplines. Tom has designed and architected small, large, and global IT solutions.

In addition to the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure MCSE certification, Tom also carries several other Microsoft certifications. His ability to see things from a strategic perspective allows Tom to architect solutions that closely align with business needs.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys camping, fishing, and playing poker.

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