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Exploring Inventory in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center

Exploring Inventory in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center

In this step, you’ll learn about an additional element to use when managing your Microsoft 365 Apps deployment.

Inventory is a feature that helps you to view information about the Office environment quickly. These insights will help you to make any changes, updates, and amendments to your deployment.

These insights help to prevent businesses from being negatively impacted. It also ensures that employees within the organization can continue their work and access programs or systems without delays.

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What is Inventory in Microsoft 365 Apps?

As an administrator, having insight into Office environment problems creates opportunities to solve issues responsibly and accurately.

Inventory provides you with data about the status of your Office installations. For example, what if you needed to know how many versions of Office are being used in the Organization? Inventory can provide you with the answer to this question.

Or maybe you want to know how many unsupported user devices require management in the organization? Again, Inventory can provide this answer, along with a potential solution to fix the issue.

Inventory lets you see where the software is installed, and the state of the software.

It’s all in the details…

Inventory allows you to go beyond the surface and dig deeper for information about specific devices, operating systems, hardware, and software that is running on devices.

Also, you can find out what specific add-ins are running on a particular device. It’ll show you the version, the number of devices, and the publisher of the add-in.

Why is this important? It provides you with the opportunity to clean up your environment and update devices with the most updated version of the add-in.


You know about the importance of patching. Inventory allows you to see if channels have the latest security patches. You’ll be able to see how well your channels are doing from a security standpoint and make any updates and changes to security management.

What’s next?

Next up, you’ll briefly recap what you’ve learnt in this Learning Path on Office 365 Apps for Enterprise.


In this course, you’ll look at deploying Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise and you will explore the difference between user-driven and centralized deployments.

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