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Reviewing the install process for user-driven deployments (Video)

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In this course, you’ll look at deploying Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise and you will explore the difference between user-driven and centralized deployments.


In this video we're going to look at the install process of the user-driven install from Microsoft 365 apps. You would have already read that there are two ways that we can install Microsoft 365 apps. We can have the IT department do it centrally or we can allow the users to do it themselves. Let's look at the process of doing a user-driven install of Microsoft 365 apps. 

This time I'm on a virtual machine that does not have Office currently installed and I confirm that just by going to the search bar and looking for Word and all that's popping up is WordPad. If I then sign back in to my Office 365 account and I'm just on the homepage that any user's got access to, we can see in the top right-hand corner there's a button that says "Install Office". 

Now it is possible for the administrator to take this button away so you might not necessarily see it in your corporate environment. Now the big limitation we have with a user-driven installation is you need to have local administrative rights on the computer in order to do this, but I do have this. So, I can just click on install Office. Now if I need to, there are a few options that I can look at, so if I click on "Install Office" then choose "See other install options" this will take me to my user profile. 

And if I go down to "Apps and devices" I'll actually have the ability to change the language and the version of Office that I want to install, but I'm not going to worry about that. I'm just going to close that tab down and go back to the main "Install Office" button. Okay, so we get a little summary screen telling us what we need to do. I can just close that down and when I clicked on the link down in the bottom left-hand corner you see it's install-, downloaded a little program, OfficeSetup.exe. 

Now that this has been downloaded, I can click on it to run it, and this starts the initial part of the Office 365 installation. As I say, there's two phases. First of all, the click-to-run environment gets installed, that's been done, and now that takes over and completes the installation. And this will take a few minutes to complete. And then, after a short delay the Office product is now installed onto my local machine so I can close down the acknowledgement and just go and check. 

So now if I look for Word you can see that Word and indeed all the other Office apps are appearing now on my Start menu. And now I can open up the products, sign in to Office 365 with my account, and I'll have the full interaction with my Office 365 environment.


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