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Design an Advanced Application for Azure 70-534 Certification


Course Introduction
2m 20s
Course Introduction
Duration1h 14m


This course is focused on the portion of the Azure 70-534 certification exam that covers designing an advanced application. You will learn how to create compute-intensive and long-running applications, select the appropriate storage option, and integrate Azure services in a solution.


Hello, and welcome to the Design an Advanced Application course, part of the Azure 70-534 Exam Prep. In this lesson, we'll briefly introduce you to the topics that we'll be covering throughout the course.

There are some pre-requisites for the course. While it isn't essential, I like to recommend a working knowledge of .NET development because it often helps to contextualize some of the topics. A basic knowledge of PowerShell is a plus, but again not essential. A basic understanding of high performance computing from an architectual level will be useful. And you should be familiar with the Azure ecosystem.

The goal of this course is to help you to prepare for the Design an Advanced Application section of the Microsoft 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification. Let's go through the topics that we'll be covering in the course.

First up, we'll be talking about compute-intensive applications. We'll cover long-running applications. We're going to talk about availability, high availability, and scalability. We'll cover data storage, and then we'll be talking about integrating some additional services into our applications.

So, we have a lot to cover, and if you're ready to learn about compute intensive applications, then let's get started in our next lesson.

About the Author

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Ben Lambert is a software engineer and was previously the lead author for DevOps and Microsoft Azure training content at Cloud Academy. His courses and learning paths covered Cloud Ecosystem technologies such as DC/OS, configuration management tools, and containers. As a software engineer, Ben’s experience includes building highly available web and mobile apps. When he’s not building software, he’s hiking, camping, or creating video games.