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Create an iOS Enrollment Profile Demo

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In this course, we review the enrollment options available and processes to follow for enrolling Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs in Microsoft 365. We look at some prerequisites and the options available for enrolling each type of device. We also work through a few hands-on demonstrations.

Learning Objectives

Understand the enrollment options and procedures for enrolling different Apple devices in Microsoft 365.

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to earn a Microsoft 365 certification
  • Anyone who needs to enroll devices in Intune and Mobile Device Manager within Microsoft 365


You will require a basic understanding of Mobile Device Management in Microsoft 365.


Hello and welcome back. So, now that we have the Apple MDM Push certificate set up, what we need to do now is go ahead and create an enrollment profile. In this exercise here, we're going to create an iOS enrollment profile. And to do that, what we're going to do is scroll down here or really browse down here to Enrollment targeting, and we're going to Manage our User Enrollment and Device Enrollment options. So, we'll go ahead and select it. And we can see we don't have any enrollment profile set up yet. Now, what this profile is going to do is deploy device and enrollment type options to users who are setting up their devices in the company portal. So, to do this, we're going to create a profile, and then we only have the two options here. So, we'll select iOS/iPadOS,

and then we need to specify some basic information, some settings, the assignments, and then we can create the profile. So, I'll just call this iOSProfile. The description here is not mandatory, so I'll chip out here and leave it blank. We'll go ahead and Next it. And then in the Settings page here, what we can do is select the enrollment type. We select the drop-down here. We have the option for User enrollment, the option for Device enrollment, and then we can determine based on user choice. 

Now, you'll notice right up here, this kind of explains how this works. If we require users to select their device types, then personal devices will enroll with User enrollment and corporate devices will enroll with Device enrollment. Now, if we don't require users to select their device type, devices will enroll with the selected default option. Now, if we click on 'Learn more' here, this tells us all about the different enrollment options and setting up iOS and iPadOS User Enrollment. For this demonstration here, we'll leave this set to Device enrollment  and we'll go ahead and next it.

Now at this point we need to create the assignment. We need to tell Microsoft Endpoint Manager who is getting this profile. And for this exercise we'll just add all users, and you can also exclude groups as well. And this is where you would want to create, and I mentioned this earlier in the course, you'd want to create groups to manage your users and devices. So, if you had like a pilot group of users you wanted to apply this to, you would just apply it to that pilot group of users or devices for that matter. We're not going to do any exclusions here, so we'll go ahead and Next it. And at this point if we're happy with our settings, we'll go ahead and create the Enrollment profile. And we can see we get the green check mark, which means our profile has been created. So, at this point, we're now ready for end users to enroll their iOS and iPadOS devices. In the next demonstration, we'll walk through the process of what it looks like from an end user perspective when they enroll their device in Microsoft Intune.


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