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Enterprise Applications
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Working with on-premises directories
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During this course we will explore the enterprise applications that AWS provides, including Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon WorkMail. We will start with a basic overview of each service, one by one, then move on to a more practical experience by demonstrating an integration of all these services with an on-premises network, and a discussion of the available options to configure these services to make them suit your company's needs.

We assume you have some pre-requisites for this course. You need to have some general IT understanding plus some AWS knowledge, including the core AWS services such as EC2, IAM, and VPC. In addition, because all the services in the enterprise applications category make use of the Directory Service, you will also need to be familiar with this service.

This course is for anyone getting started with the AWS cloud, but is particularly geared toward systems engineers and windows administrators.


Hi. This is Eric Magalhães for Cloud Academy, and welcome to the Enterprise Fundamentals for AWS. During this lecture, we will talk about the course itself, so I will briefly discuss the prerequisites, audience scope, and learning objectives of this course.

So in order to understand what I am going to show you in this course, you need to have a general IT background. By general, I mean that you need to be familiar with some general networking terms, server terms, virtualization, and so on.It's mandatory that you have some AWS knowledge, because we are going to talk about networking on AWS in here, and especially a service called Directory Service. You must know what Directory Service is. You must understand this service. So if you don't have this knowledge, I suggest that you step back and take a look at these courses, the Technical Fundamentals for AWS, Compute Fundamentals for AWS, Networking Fundamentals for AWS, and most important, Security Fundamentals for AWS. Because in this course, we are going to talk about Directory Service.

So the audience for this course are mostly systems engineers and Windows administrators. But anyone getting started with AWS and curious about these enterprise applications will be welcome to this course if you have the needed prerequisites.

So the scope, basically we are going to talk about the enterprise applications. These enterprise applications include WorkSpaces, WorkDocs, and WorkMail. After this course, I expect that you will be able to describe all these three services and know how to integrate them with your on-premises network.

Talking about on-premises, I have created this GitHub repository. You can see here, I have only three files. It's very simple, and it will be useful for the last lecture of this course where we are going to integrate our enterprise applications with an on-premises network. So be aware of this repository if you want to follow the examples of that lecture.

About the Author


Eric Magalhães has a strong background as a Systems Engineer for both Windows and Linux systems and, currently, work as a DevOps Consultant for Embratel. Lazy by nature, he is passionate about automation and anything that can make his job painless, thus his interest in topics like coding, configuration management, containers, CI/CD and cloud computing went from a hobby to an obsession. Currently, he holds multiple AWS certifications and, as a DevOps Consultant, helps clients to understand and implement the DevOps culture in their environments, besides that, he play a key role in the company developing pieces of automation using tools such as Ansible, Chef, Packer, Jenkins and Docker.