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Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast

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What is The Cloud?
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Want a simple explanation to some of the technical terms and concepts everyone else seems to know already? This course is here to help!



Information can either be shared as a unicast, multicast or a broadcast. It's important to know how you want to share information so that only the people you intended it for receive it. Nicola and her friends have been on holiday for a week now, and of course they've taken loads of photos. They've taken photos of their adventures of the local mountain, snorkeling in the reef and shopping in the local village. They've also taken photos relaxing on the beach, of their accommodation, and of a fun night out at a beach party. But what would be the point of taking all these pictures if not to share them with their friends and family. When she finally get some Wi-Fi reception, Nicola sends a few of the shopping and accommodation photos straight to her mom in a text. Next, she sends some of the photos of the beach party to a few of her friends in a group chat. With her friends calling her to hurry up, Nicola quickly puts a couple of other adventure photos to her favorite social media sites before running off to join her friends on the way to the beach. Nicola has actually just sent information in three different ways. Sending her mum photos in a text was a kind of unicast because the message went from one person to another on a one to one ratio. Sending her friends the photos over in her tote in the Group Chat was an example of a multicast because the message was sent from one person to many others, a one to many ratio. Finally, posting her adventures on social media is an example of a broadcast. A message sent from one person, to everyone on that network, or in other words, a one to all ratio.


What is The Cloud? - DHCP and DNS - Firewall - Encryption - Hubs, Switches and Routers - The 7 Layers of the OSI Model and Encapsulation

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