Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines
Introduction to Azure Virtual Machine

Microsoft Azure is one of the key platforms currently serving the cloud computing market. Since its launch in 2010, it has quickly matured, adding whole categories of critical services, including the flagship "Azure Virtual Machines" - an IaaS computing platform.

In this course, our Azure expert Ganapathi Subramanian will introduce the Azure Virtual Machine service and its features, focusing on Azure Windows and Linux virtual machines using Azure portal and powershell scripts, creating and managing custom Azure virtual machine images, configuring Azure virtual machines for high availability, understanding Azure virtual machine networking features, and configuring Azure virtual machine for monitoring and auto-scaling.

If you're not yet familiar with the platform, you might gain by taking Ganapathi's Introduction to Microsoft Azure before starting this course.

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the new lecture series on Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines. In this series, we'll cover various topics related to creating and managing Azure virtual machines.

In this series of lectures, we'll cover the following topics: Introduction to Azure Virtual Machine Service and it's Features, Launching your first Azure, Windows and Linux Virtual Machines using Azure portal and PowerShell scripts, Creating and Managing Custom Azure Virtual Machine Images, Configuring Azure Virtual Machines for Higher Availability, Understanding Azure's Virtual Machine Networking Features and Configuring Azure Virtual Machine from Monitoring and Auto-scaling.

About the Author

Trevor Sullivan is a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell, and enjoys working with cloud and automation technologies. As a strong, vocal veteran of the Microsoft-centric IT field since 2004, Trevor has developed open source projects, provided significant amounts of product feedback, authored a large variety of training resources, and presented at IT functions including worldwide user groups and conferences.