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*** Note: The Cloud Digital Leader Exam has been updated, and thus this course has been deprecated. ***


This short course covers some additional topics you should review before taking the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam.

Learning Objectives

You’ll get a quick introduction to the following GCP services:

  • AI/ML options
  • Compliance Reports Manager
  • Container Registry
  • Database Migration
  • Support

Intended Audience

  • Anyone preparing to take the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam


  • Complete all other courses in the Cloud Digital Leader Learning Path

Database migrations can be a challenge, even in the simplest scenarios.  A basic mySQL “lift and shift” can involve many steps and take a lot of time depending upon the amount of data involved.

That is why Google built the Database Migration Service to make migrations as painless as possible.

You can start the process with just a few clicks and then enjoy continuous data replication from source to destination.  In addition, if you are migrating to a serverless option like Cloud SQL, then you don’t have to worry about over- or under- provisioning.  The Database Migration Service does all the heavy lifting for you.

Now if you need to do something more complicated, like migrating to a new type of database, then Datastream might be a better choice.

Datastream uses change data capture and replication to synchronize your data across databases, storage systems, and applications.  It is low latency, and won’t bog down your source database.  And it has integrations with services such as BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Dataflow and Data Fusion.  So if you are trying to migrate something like an Oracle database to the cloud, you should check Datastream out.


Introduction - Overview of AI/ML services - Compliance Reports Manager - Container Registry - Google Cloud Support Options - Summary

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