Overview of AI/ML services
Overview of AI/ML services

*** Note: The Cloud Digital Leader Exam has been updated, and thus this course has been deprecated. ***


This short course covers some additional topics you should review before taking the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam.

Learning Objectives

You’ll get a quick introduction to the following GCP services:

  • AI/ML options
  • Compliance Reports Manager
  • Container Registry
  • Database Migration
  • Support

Intended Audience

  • Anyone preparing to take the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam


  • Complete all other courses in the Cloud Digital Leader Learning Path

AI and Machine Learning Services

If you're going to take the Cloud Digital Leader Exam, then you need to be familiar with the various AI and machine learning products that Google offers.  I recommend that you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the name and general use cases for each.

For example:

  • You should know that AutoML is used to training models with minimal effort and expertise.
  • You should know that Form Parser is used to extract text and spatial structures from documents.
  • You should know that Natural Language is used to reveal the structure and meaning of unstructured text.
  • You should know that the Recommendations AI will generate highly personalized product recommendations.
  • That Translation is used to dynamically translate between languages.
  • That Vertex AI is used to build, deploy, and scale more effective AI models.
  • And Vision OCR is used to extract text from documents.

Now, the exam is not going to expect you to have really, deep knowledge about each of these products But it might ask you to do something like, to pick the right product for solving a business problem.

Cloud TPUs

While we are on the subject of Machine Learning, you also should also be familiar with Cloud TPUs.  

A Cloud TPU (or Tensor Processing Unit) is a custom-designed ASIC (or Application-specific integrated circuit) that is used for ML workloads.  

You’ve probably heard of using graphic cards or GPUs for training models.  GPUs can provide significant performance boosts.  But ultimately, they are designed for accelerating graphics operations, not machine learning.  Cloud TPUs were designed from the ground up with ML workloads in mind.  This results in faster training times and lower costs.


Introduction - Compliance Reports Manager - Container Registry - Database Migration - Google Cloud Support Options - Summary


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