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What is a business case? 

So, what is a business case and what should it contain? Read on to find out more.


Business case content

The contents of a business case will vary across organisations, and the level of detail will depend on the scale and complexity of the project. The specific range of a business case tends to include the below:

Strategic case: Reasons for undertaking the project and how it will contribute to the corporate, programme or strategic objectives.

Options appraisal: The business options that have been considered include the "do nothing" option and the recommended option to address the project's objective. This should include the expected return on investment.

Benefits: The measurable benefits expected from the project, together with any anticipated dis-benefits: outcomes perceived as unfavourable by stakeholders. This should also include the benefits realisation requirements.

Costs: A summary of the viable projects.

Risk: A summary of any strategic or critical risks.

Timescales: The period over which the project will run and when the benefits should be realised.

A circular diagram showing business case content, displayed as linked boxes: strategic case, options appraisal, benefits, costs, risk, and timescales.

Figure 1: Business case content.


Now that you know what a business case needs to contain, you’ll move on to discover how to write a business case.


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In this Course, you’ll find out how to identify costs, risks, and benefits. You’ll do this by exploring business cases – what they are and how to write them – including roles and responsibilities.

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