Implementing Azure Infrastructure Compliance and Security
Course Introduction
1h 21m

Microsoft Azure is a robust, feature-rich cloud platform used by a growing number of technology companies. With its vast array of services, a key challenge to administering an Azure environment is security. How can we ensure that our Azure infrastructure meets strict security standards? This course offers the answer.

In three concise units, the student will learn all about compliance and cloud security. The course delves into several key Azure components, including Azure DevOps, Azure Security Center, Desired State Configuration, and Azure Pipelines. After completing the lessons and watching the video demonstrations, the student will be equipped with the knowledge to automate critical security tasks to ensure a thoroughly hardened cloud architecture.

This skill set will serve infrastructure developers working with live environments or seeking to pass certification exams. Most importantly, it will help students understand cloud security in a comprehensive and thorough way.

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Learning Objectives

  • Scan infrastructure using Azure tools to prevent drift leading to compliance violations
  • Automate configuration using Azure Automation and Desired State Configuration
  • Create secure and compliant software pipelines in Azure

Intended Audience

This course is intended for:

  • Those looking to learn more about the security and compliance features in Azure
  • People studying for Microsoft's AZ-400 exam


To get the most from this course, you should already have a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure as well as some knowledge of programming and cloud infrastructure. 


Greetings, welcome to Cloud Academy's course on implementing Azure infrastructure compliance and security. I'm glad to have you along on what is bound to be an exciting and enlightening journey into the world of the Microsoft Azure cloud. But before we begin, I will briefly introduce myself since it's the polite thing to do. My name is Jonathan Bethune. I am a course developer with Cloud Academy. For many years I have worked as a software developer and consultant but long before that I was actually a high school teacher. I must say it's a lot of fun getting back into teaching, only now I get to teach technology.

This course is meant to help you better understand Microsoft Azure, specifically those features related to security and compliance. The course should be helpful both for people aiming to pass a certification exam and for folks already out in the field just looking for some practical help.

So you're probably wondering, you know, what are the prerequisites for a course like this? What exactly do we expect you to already know? Well, just a few things. For one, you should be familiar with cloud providers generally. You should already have some basic knowledge of Azure. We're not gonna teach you how to set up an account or anything like that. Secondly, you should have some basic understanding of programming and cloud infrastructure. We will be looking at PowerShell scripts and working with virtual instances. If this is your first time seeing either of those things you might wanna consider a more rudimentary class.

So let's get more specific. Learning objectives. This course has three. One, students will learn how to scan infrastructure using Azure tools to prevent drift leading to compliance violations. Two, students will learn how to automate configuration using Azure Automation and Desired State Configuration. And three, students will learn how to create secure and compliant software pipelines in Azure. Now, these three objectives map to the three sections of the course. Each section will include explanations and video demonstrations to ensure you learn everything.

And lastly, I would like to also invite folks to send us feedback: questions, concerns, suggestions. We always appreciate people taking the time to do that. So thank you in advance for that. And without further ado, let's dig in and start learning.


Compliance & Security Scanning - Security Center Demo - Preventing Drift - ARM, Activity Log & Track Changes Demo - Desired State Configuration (DSC) - Azure Desired State Configuration Demo - Azure Automation State Configuration - VM Agents & Extensions - VM Agents & Extensions Demo - Security & Compliance Pipelines - Azure Pipelines & Gates Demo - Course Summary

About the Author

Jonathan Bethune is a senior technical consultant working with several companies including TopTal, BCG, and Instaclustr. He is an experienced devops specialist, data engineer, and software developer. Jonathan has spent years mastering the art of system automation with a variety of different cloud providers and tools. Before he became an engineer, Jonathan was a musician and teacher in New York City. Jonathan is based in Tokyo where he continues to work in technology and write for various publications in his free time.