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This course delves into the subject of cryptocurrency wallets and covers what they are, how to choose the right one for you, and how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.


Welcome to the final lecture in this section, where we'll summarize everything we went over. Following which, will move onto the next section, which will dive even deeper into this ecosystem. So, you should now have a clear understanding of the cryptocurrency wallets. Following this deep dive which we touched upon every aspect of the setup, buying and selling with you. Here's what we discussed in each of the lectures in this section, should you wish to refer back to them. One, what are wallets? In this lecture, we discussed the essence of cryptocurrency wallets, as well as how they should be viewed upon in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Two, which wallet to choose. A simple Google search froze up a plethora of wallets, which, for one, all have different security settings. Hence, in this lecture, we outlined which wallet would suit your purpose. Three, how to set up a wallet. Once our wallet was decided upon, in this lecture, we went ahead and highlighted how the setup process works of exodus. Four, buying your first cryptocurrency. In this lecture, we moved forward within this ecosystem, and you were shown how to buy your first piece of cryptocurrency. We highlighted the Binance exchange here. Five, selling your first cryptocurrency. Following on from the previous lecture of buying your first cryptocurrency in this lecture, we went into how to sell your first piece of cryptocurrency once again with Binance. Six, buying and selling cryptocurrencies using other platforms. In this lecture, we showcased how the buying and selling process works when it comes to using other platforms of a buying and selling cryptocurrencies, so very helpful. Now, that's everything for this quick summary, should you wish to refer back to a specific lecture in this section. We look forward to seeing you in the next section of this course, where we'll be going over investing in cryptocurrencies with you in detail.


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Ravinder is an expert instructor in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, having helped thousands of people learn about the subject. He's also the founder of B21 Block, an online cryptocurrency and blockchain school.