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Protecting Your Resources with Azure Security Center

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This course covers the following Azure Security Center topics:

  • Preventing and responding to security threats with Azure Security Center
  • Configuring a security policy
  • Assessing the security of resources
  • Protecting your resources with Azure Security Center
  • Managing VM access


Azure Security Center leverages access and application controls to block malicious activity, limiting your exposure to threats. A feature of this protection called, just in time virtual machine access reduces your attack exposure by allowing you to deny persistent access to VMs.

With just in time VM access, you provide controlled access to virtual machines only when it's needed, and this controlled access is also audited. Another feature called Adaptive Application Controls help you harden virtual machines against malware by controlling the applications that can be run. Azure Security Center uses machine learning to analyze the processes that are running on a virtual machine and allows you to apply whitelisting rules using this intelligence.

In the next lesson, you'll learn how to configure a just in time VM access policy.

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