Introduction to the Python Language
Course Introduction

Python is more than just a programming language. It includes additional components which all work together as a holistic system. This course provides an introduction to some of these different components. Including the programming language itself. With the goal of introducing you to the Python programming language as a means of creating and controlling objects.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course you’ll be familiar with the basic concepts of language syntax, the python interpreter, and code blocks.

Intended Audience

This course was designed for first-time developers wanting to learn Python. Existing developers may want to skip.


This is an introductory course and doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge. However, conceptual knowledge of Python objects is recommended.


Hello, and welcome! My name is Ben Lambert, and I’ll be your instructor for this course. 

This course is part of a series of content designed to help you learn to program with the Python programming language

During this course, I’ll introduce you to the Python programming language and surrounding concepts. Should you wish to ask me a specific question, you can do that with the contact details on screen. 

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The intended audience for this course is first time developers who are interested in learning to program with Python.

  • This course assumes:
    • That you’re a first time developer.
    • That you’re comfortable using applications and navigating web sites.
    • That you’re willing to fill in any gaps through self study.
    • That you’re familiar with the concept of an object.

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the Python programming language as a means of creating and controlling objects.

You’ll learn about:

The lessons learned in this course will provide the context required for understanding and using different aspects of the Python language. Which are covered in other courses.

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Now, if you’re ready to begin learning about the Python programming language, then I will see you in the next lesson!

About the Author
Learning Paths

Ben Lambert is a software engineer and was previously the lead author for DevOps and Microsoft Azure training content at Cloud Academy. His courses and learning paths covered Cloud Ecosystem technologies such as DC/OS, configuration management tools, and containers. As a software engineer, Ben’s experience includes building highly available web and mobile apps. When he’s not building software, he’s hiking, camping, or creating video games.

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