Introduction to Amazon API Gateway

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API Gateway is a fully managed service by Amazon that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain and monitor their APIs at any scale without having to worry about versioning, authorizations, throttling and other administrative tasks. In this course, authored by Tehreem Siddiqui and narrated by Adam Hawkins, you will learn how to create and deploy REST API through API Gateway to expose HTTP endpoints, AWS Lambda functions and other AWS services.


Hello, and welcome to the AWS API Gateway course. The AWS API Gateway is a manage service for building, deploying, and scaling various types of APIs. These may be serverless Lambda-based applications, traditional HTTP-based back-end services, or even other AWS services.

Generally speaking the API Gateway can remove some overhead in managing multiple APIs by baking in monitoring, logging, throttling, caching, and other infrastructural requirements. This is an introductory course. We'll start with an introduction to HTTP and REST. There are also hands-on demos of integrating the AWS API Gateway with various types of applications.

Finally, we'll touch on monitoring, troubleshooting, and working with Swagger. This course is intended for people with some experience building APIs. You'll need experience working with AWS IAM, since we'll be creating roles and policies. Sound good? Let's rock.

About the Author

Tehreem is a Sr. Software Engineer with passion in Cloud Technologies, Big Data analytics, Software Testing and Automation. She has over 10 years of work experience comprising of her tenure at ServiceNow, Microsoft and Harmonic Inc. Most recently she has been developing learning content in-line with the emergence of Public Clouds and XaaS platforms with focus on AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP. Tehreem resides in BayArea, CA with her family and when not working she enjoys nature/outdoors, movies and fine dining.