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Introduction to Blockchain
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Blockchain is a hot topic within the industry right now as more and more organizations are using the technology to process cryptocurrency payments between different parties. 

In this ‘Introduction to Blockchain’ course you will learn to build an awareness of Blockchain technology and how it can be used to process cryptocurrency transactions across an open and distributed ledger and gain and insight of Blockchain’s core principles and functions.

By the end of this course you be able to determine if Blockchain as a technology can potentially help or hinder your business operations.

This course is made up of just one lecture and requires no previous knowledge of or experience with Blockchain. 

Learning Objectives 

  • To understand what Blockchain is and why it is used.
  • To be able to explain the different components involved within BlockChain.
  • Understand when and why you may want to use BlockChain within your environment.
  • To understand at a high level what cryptocurrency is.

Intended Audience 

  • This course has been designed for those who have had no prior experience with blockchain technology.
  • It will explain all concepts and methods from the ground up allowing you to understand what it is and what’s it’s used for.


  • As this is an introductory level course to Blockchain, no prior experience is required. It assumes that you have never used the technology before and this is your first experience with Blockchain.

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