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In this introductory course, we take a look at Spinnaker as a whole to understand what concepts Spinnaker excels at as a continuous delivery tool. We'll also touch upon the microservices architecture that makes Spinnaker a unique asset in your toolkit.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define Spinnaker at its most fundamental level
  • Explain the two primary concepts that make Spinnaker a strong solution for continuous delivery:
    • Application management
    • Application deployment
  • Explain the service architecture that makes up Spinnaker

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who is new to Spinnaker
  • DevOps engineers and site reliability engineers
  • Cloud-native developers
  • Continuous delivery enthusiasts


To get the most out of this course you should possess:

  • An understanding of continuous delivery and what it solves for
  • A strong understanding of cloud concepts 
  • Kubernetes knowledge is advised



Congratulations on completing the Introduction to Spinnaker Course! Before we completely close out this intro course, I have a challenge. Your best way of learning a new technology is to get your hands on it, kick the tires and jump into the deep end. This is an environment where you will not slip under. If you're up to it, go complete the Spinnaker for Kubernetes Lab, created by Jeremy Cook. Getting a hands-on feel has never been easier and this lab will give you real experience configuring Spinnaker in a Kubernetes environment.

Here's some extra resources to further your knowledge of Spinnaker. First, there is the free eBook, this is an afternoon read of about 80 pages. Next, any Spinnaker related information should be sort at Additionally, if you wanna be involved in the community, go to, there is a ton of information available to you.

We have additional DevOps content training in our library, so feel free to head over there and continue learning if there's something else you have an interest in. My name's Jonathan Lewey and this was an introduction to Spinnaker, thank you.


Introduction - What is Spinnaker? - How is Spinnaker Designed? Part One - How is Spinnaker Designed? Part Two - How is Spinnaker Architected?

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Jonathan Lewey is a DevOps Content Creator at Cloud Academy. With experience in the Networking and Operations of the traditional Information Technology industry, he has also lead the creation of applications for corporate integrations, and served as a Cloud Engineer supporting developer teams. Jonathan has a number of specialities including: a Cisco Certified Network Associate (R&S / Sec), an AWS Developer Associate, an AWS Solutions Architect, and is certified in Project Management.