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Introduction to the course

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Welcome to the Course


This course describes the structure of the overall course and explains the how the discover-practice-apply model works. 


- Welcome to this Azure in action administrator course. You'll probably already work with operating systems, cloud infrastructure and networking, and unlikely to have an understanding of on-premise virtualization technologies, network configuration, active directory concepts, and resilience and disaster recovery. This blended learning course will build on that knowledge. By preparing you to be an infrastructure engineer in Azure cloud, it will give you the skills you need in the four threshold concepts of Azure active directory, Azure networking, Azure virtual machines and Azure storage. At the end, you'll have the skills and knowledge to attempt the AZ104 exam and achieve the Microsoft certified associate Azure administrator certificate. This course has been designed by certified Microsoft experts to guide your learning through a structured, self-paced program incorporating our unique discover, practice, apply model. You'll spend your first four weeks in the discover stage doing digital self study. Things like expert tutorials, and online lab activities. During this time you'll also complete the Microsoft Azure fundamentals AZ 900 and Microsoft Azure administrator, AZ 104 practice exams to help reinforce what you've learned. When you've passed the exams, you'll progress to the practice stage and start putting your knowledge to the test. This three day interactive workshop is about getting hands on, using our dedicated lab environment to build an Azure infrastructure, create multiple networks around the world and provision servers in each location amongst other things. And you'll be supported throughout the course by a certified Microsoft Azure expert. That's all great, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The apply stage is arguably the most important one because you start to use the skills you've learned back at work. You'll create a personal implementation plan and your trainer will check in with you after the course to offer coaching support. Don't worry though, if you're not going to be an Azure administrator straight away you'll still get the full benefit of the course, regardless of how you apply your new skills. A feature of your course is the support you'll receive from your trainer. You'll have direct access through email and regular touch points, where they'll check how you're getting on. So, to put a face to your trainer, here's a brief introduction.


- Hi everyone. My name is Dave Bedford and I'm gonna be supporting you on your learning journey. Just wanna introduce myself, tell you a little bit about what I've done. I started my IT career in 2000, actually, and to cut a long story short I spent 22 years in the military flying for a living and I couldn't fly anymore, and I had an interest in computers, and one day my boss pulled me to one side and he said, you're now the administrative friend NT four. And I said, what's NT four? And he said, I don't know. So I was shipped off to some consultants and I went and learned about NT four. Set up an IT department, did that for two years. The department grew and, and the responsibilities grew. And then when I left the forces I went to work for a company down in London. I started to do networking and project management on networking and it was my responsibility for stripping buildings out and, and project managing new wiring going in. That developed then into putting entire network systems in a new client and server systems. I used to be an instructor in the Navy and I just wanted to get back into teaching again. So I ended up working for QA. So I've been here for 13 years now. Started my career with QA teaching the server side of things. So, I was an MCSC for 2003, and I've gone through all the different servers as we, as we've gone through the years. For the last five, six years been doing Azure. So I'm a principal technologist in the company at the moment for the cloud side of things. I teach Azure, I'm also qualified to teach the Alibaba cloud space as well. Anyway, that's just a little bit about me. I look forward to supporting you throughout the course and meeting you when we get together.


- You were about to start a study program that will provide you with the skills you'll use throughout your career. You've made an investment of time to complete this course, and it's important you get the best results. Here are a few tips that will help you succeed. Get to grips with the call structure and identify the key milestones before you start. Find out what you need to learn before you attempt the two practice exams in the discover stage. Set yourself deadlines, and carefully schedule your time to hit them. Don't rush ahead. This isn't a race and it's okay to be the tortoise. Take one step at a time and take your time. You can't attend the hands-on workshop if you haven't passed the two practice exams so work methodically and diligently and use your tutor. You won't be in the room with them but they'll be alongside you throughout the course. If you're stuck or need to clarify anything reach out to them and they'll get back to you as quickly as they can. In return for your commitment, you can expect to study through a world class program, developed and delivered by experts. Be supported through your entire learning journey and have access to the self study materials for a full year. So you can dip in and out of them when you want. Good luck and enjoy the course.

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