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Jira Essentials for Agile Teams

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Course Introduction


This course introduces the Jira Essentials for Agile Teams learning path. This learning path is designed for users who are already able to create, update and search for issues in Jira but now want to understand how to use Jira to control, manage, and maximize the effectiveness of their agile projects. We will look at using Jira in Scrum and Kanban projects and how Jira can be a powerful aid in the pursuit of empirical process control.


Cool. Okay, let's get into it. So a bit of introduction, bit of Course admin, that kind of stuff. Course objectives and assumptions, few Intros. We're gonna cover Agile and Jira, we're gonna look at Epic stories, Acceptance criteria, Scrum, Kanban, Reports, that kind of stuff.

So, Assumptions. Though there are assumptions that you have some knowledge of Agile and some or no development background. But ideally, you have a basic exposure of Jira, but I will kind of get start you or get to do a little some of that for you to begin with.

I'll just introduce myself, so like say, my name is Chris Farrell. I've got over 20 years development experience, managing teams in both Waterfall and Agile techniques. I've passed PSM1, PSM2, and PSD, so I've kind of got all of those grounds behind me as well. I've managed Scrum teams many times. And when I managed Scrum teams, I've been the Scrum master. And yet, as QA's Principal Technologist in Agile Software Engineering, I started using Jira myself not long after it came out, and so I've been using it many, many years.

It was sort of the early 2000s that it came out. And the reason I started using it, it was because you could change it, you could add your own software into it. It's always been very configurable, which is what attracted me to it. And so yeah, I've been using it for a long time, and really, really is taking off in the past few years. So yeah, we're seeing a lot of growth in Jira recently.

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