LPIC-1 102 Linux certification - Linux System Services (4 of 6)

This is the fourth of a total of six courses covering the 102 exam of the LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional certification. You'll learn about managing key Linux system services, including:

  • System time: how to stay in sync with Stratum One NTP time servers.
  • Logging: how to use logs to monitor your system for security and performance considerations
  • Email: create and manage email accounts, forwarders, and aliases.
  • Printing: configure and manage printers and print jobs

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Hi and welcome to the 9th course in Cloud Academy's Linux Certification Preparations series. This course will cover Linux systems services, part of the requirements for the LPIC 102 exam. We'll learn some of the basics of managing email accounts and directing email messages to individual and alias accounts. Although we won't actually go into the process of configuring an email server, that's not required for the LPIC 1 exams. We're going to learn how to maintain an accurate system time for the computers you manage and how to sync your systems to Internet time through NTP, the network time protocol. We'll explore the Linux logging system. You can, and in fact, must closely monitor your system performance and security through your log files, but you'll also need to maintain the logs themselves, especially to make sure that log files don't become unmanageably large.

And finally we'll learn how to use the common Unix printing system, CUPS, to manage your printers and print jobs.

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David taught high school for twenty years, worked as a Linux system administrator for five years, and has been writing since he could hold a crayon between his fingers. His childhood bedroom wall has since been repainted.

Having worked directly with all kinds of technology, David derives great pleasure from completing projects that draw on as many tools from his toolkit as possible.

Besides being a Linux system administrator with a strong focus on virtualization and security tools, David writes technical documentation and user guides, and creates technology training videos.

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