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Management Services
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The services within the AWS Management Fundamentals course focus on maintaining and monitoring AWS applications and systems, to ensure they are compliant, properly configured, operating at required utilization thresholds, and protected from any potential outside threats.

This course covers a range of different services, including:

AWS CloudTrail
AWS Config
AWS Trusted Advisor
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Personal Health Dashboard
Learning Objectives
Describe the basic functions that each service in this course performs within a cloud solution
Recognize basic components and features of each AWS management service in this course
Understand the role each service plays to maintain a properly operating application on AWS
Intended Audience
This course is has been designed for:

Anyone preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
Managers, sales professionals and other roles within the cloud where a relatively non-technical understanding of AWS compute services is desired.
Before reading this example, you should have a general understanding of the basic concepts of cloud computing. If you are familiar with common compliance requirements for IT systems, this will also help.

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About the Author

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Stuart has been working within the IT industry for two decades covering a huge range of topic areas and technologies, from data centre and network infrastructure design, to cloud architecture and implementation.

To date Stuart has created over 40 courses relating to Cloud, most within the AWS category with a heavy focus on security and compliance

He is AWS certified and accredited in addition to being a published author covering topics across the AWS landscape.

In January 2016 Stuart was awarded ‘Expert of the Year Award 2015’ from Experts Exchange for his knowledge share within cloud services to the community.

Stuart enjoys writing about cloud technologies and you will find many of his articles within our blog pages.