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Course Introduction

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Docker in Depth

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Course Introduction3m 10s
Docker Compose Overview11m 1s
Docker Compose Parts
How to Create Docker Compose Files Using YAML24m 32s
Features and Commands of Compose Command-Line Interface11m 19s
Managing Applications
Deploying and Configuring a Web Application with Compose8m 35s
Using Compose Configurations and Commands to Build Images8m 17s
How Compose Handles and Combines Multiple Files7m 44s
Wrap Up
Summary3m 5s
Start course
Duration1h 18m


Managing Applications with Docker Compose

Docker Compose is an open-source tool for managing multi-container applications with Docker. With Docker Compose, you can describe environments using a declarative syntax and Compose will do all of the heavy-lifting to create the environment. Compose also has built-in logic to make updating environments easy and efficient. It's not only useful for deploying pre-built images, though. You can use it during development to easily manage dependencies for projects. If that sounds interesting, you are in the right place!

In this course, we’ll go over what Docker Compose is and why you would use it. Then we’ll explore the two parts of Docker Compose: Docker Compose files and the Docker Compose command-line interface. Next, we’ll get into demo-focused lessons beginning with running a web application with Compose. After that, we’ll see how to build images in a development scenario with Compose. Lastly, we’ll see how to use Compose to adapt an application to multiple different environments. In particular, we’ll see how to use Compose to manage an application in development and production.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the anatomy of Docker Compose files
  • Configure your application using Docker Compose files
  • Use the Docker Compose CLI to manage the entire lifecycle of applications
  • Build your own images from source code with Docker Compose
  • Extend Docker Compose files to adapt applications to multiple environments

Intended Audience

This course is for anyone interested in working with Docker, including:

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Test Engineers


This is an intermediate level course that assumes:

  • You have experience working with Docker
  • Some understanding of software development is also beneficial


Lesson What you'll learn
Introduction What will be covered in this course
Overview Why we need Docker Compose
Compose Files Everything you need to know about Compose files
Compose CLI How to work with the Compose CLI
Run a Web App How to manage WordPress with Compose
Building in Compose Build Docker images and develop with Compose
Extending Compose See how to extend Compose to work in multiple environments
Summary Review the course and see what's next

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Logan has been involved in software development and research for over eleven years, including six years in the cloud. He is an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional, MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). He earned his Ph.D. studying design automation and enjoys all things tech.

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