Continual improvement model in action
Continual improvement model in action



Service management requires us to continually align our products and services to the needs of the business. This ensures new solutions can continually deliver value. The Continual Improvement Model provides seven steps for you to improve your service offering. uSmash, a phone repair service, are starting to fall behind their competitors and want to improve the time it takes to fix their customers' phones. They start by asking, what is the vision? After consulting all employees, they outline their vision to outperform their competition and become the market leader in their industry. By asking, where are we now, uSmash realized they're starting to fall behind, and some of their customers are starting to use other services. Holding their vision in mind, they ask, where do we want to be? Their vision pushes them to be more competitive and deliver better value. They set new, achievable targets, and agree to judge the effectiveness of the improvements over time. Understanding where they want to be, they ask, how do we get there? uSmash decide to invest in a new repair approach that will improve their processes, helping them to deliver the value their customers demand. Happy with this, they take action by implementing the new repair approach and the investment pays off. With the new ways of working in place, they reflect and ask, did we get there? They have slashed the time it takes to repair phones, and attracted more customers. The success they have achieved motivates uSmash to keep innovating. They ask, how do we keep the momentum going, and focus on making sure that their new culture of innovation is constantly adopted by the repair staff.

About the Author

Martin is a professionally qualified and experienced IT Professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held a number of senior roles and has experience of large-scale IT Service Management implementation programs both in public and private sectors. He has over 15 years of experience working for QA as both a Senior principal lecturer/consultant and as Head of Service Management Product Development. Martin has delivered training to a wide variety of audiences, both UK and internationally, to consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

His main role at QA is acting as a Head of Service Management Product Development to enable QA to deliver high quality, interactive training in the following areas:

  • Delivering a wide range of public ITIL, SIAM, and BRM courses
  • Delivering onsite ITIL and SIAM courses
  • Developing high-quality QA authored Service Management courses and courseware across all delivery mechanisms including classroom, e-learning, and virtual
  • Working with Industry partners to develop new curricula and courses – Recent examples include ITIL Practitioner and the BCS EXIN SIAM Foundation qualifications