Importing Data To PowerBI
Importing Data To PowerBI

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- [Instructor] Hello and welcome to this Power BI session. In this video, you'll learn how to import data into Power BI and how to use some of Power BI basic tools. Firstly, you need to go to the home ribbon and select get data. Here you can see the most common data sources that are available. If our data source wasn't listed here, I would explore the more option. The data I would like to import to Power BI is a comma separated value. So from here, I'll select the text, CSV option and then select the data I'd like to import. As you can see, Intellisense in Power BI assumes that accident index is a number. This is because it's based on the first 200 rows. This would be completely different if it were based on the entire dataset, because accident index actually contains some characters. This will take longer to complete. So it's not always applicable, but you should try to change it when working with big data sets so that you get a better representation. When you've changed the accident index, you can load the data to visualize. After loading all the data sets you want, you can also check the relationship they have from the model tab. Power BI Intellisense picks up that accident index and connects these tables to each other, showing us the relationship between them. You can also check the data tab and see the information that's in the data set. Finally, you can check the columns and change the information accordingly. So here, for example, accident severity is summarized and there's a whole number. But we also have one, two and three as categories and then not summarized. So we might want to change that information, so it won't summarize. We also have latitude and longitude information in our data set. Again, this can't be summarized, but they can be categorized as latitude and longitude. This categorization will help us visualize the data later on. And that's it for this video. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you in the next session.

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