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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a rock solid commercial grade Linux operating system. If you're interested in learning RHEL from a system admins perspective then this course is for you!

The "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview" course walks you through many of the basic system admin tasks and concepts required to administer RHEL effectively.

This course will provide you with insights to:

  • Working with the Terminal
  • Understanding the Kernel and User Spaces
  • Graphical User Interface
  • File management and the File System Hierarchy
  • Editing Files using Vim
  • Organizing Users and Groups
  • File Permissions
  • Managing Software
  • Configuring Networking
  • Controlling System Startup Processes
  • Introduction to Containers
  • Overview of Cockpit

We are only scratching the surface over here and one of the key aspects of open source software is community. And we have a number of resources to use so you can learn more and contribute. You want a copy of rhel8 and have it subscribe to our repositories sure you can do that in the form of a developer subscription.

Now note that while you have access to the repositories the subscription doesn't come with any support. So to sign up go to if you're looking for product documentation, is your starting point.

So, once you hit the webpage, go and click on Products & Services and then on the left hand side you can see we have various categories. So what we are going to do right now is click on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and from there we going to go to KNOWLEDGE and again this is where you would find a number of great resources. The services blog which lives at is again a great resource when it comes to news, tutorials, tips, and tricks. The biggest and the best resource when it comes to learning is the Red Hat Learning subscription.

So as you can see over here, you can sign up for a free trial, it lasts for seven days and if you don't know what the Learning subscription is let me give you a sneak peek into what's what is there. You have full access to a course catalog and you can take a number of classes using different modalities, you could take self paced classes, you can also take classes using a video classroom format. Now some of the other key features that you have is that you have access to our early development classes so those classes that are still in early development you will have access to it through the early access tab. Like I said you will have access to the entire portfolio of our classes and again these are the same labs that you would find in a real classroom. However this time they're available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The other cool thing that the Red Hat Learning subscription comes with is the ability to take certification exams. You want to put your knowledge and skills to the test take our certification exams.

They're practical and once you've passed one of our certification exams know that it tells everyone who wants to hire you that you've got the skills necessary that are associated with that exam.

So once you have signed up for our trial you can go and explore it as you can see over here that I've got my access to early access. These are the classes that are in development right now and early on I was talking about containerization and if you want a class on containerization you can see that we have DO180. It's an introduction to containers kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift and you can see that we have different modalities over here you could take online learning or online training rather which is a self-paced class what you can also do is follow the video classroom with an instructor. Now is our Red Hat learning community and that's an extension of training if you have a question after you've taken a class or if you need more context on a topic head over to the Red Hat learning community and interact with the community of Red Hat enthusiasts.

So guys this is just a sample of some of the resources that you could use to learn more about what we do at Red Hat. I hope that you did enjoy this overview and I will see you in another class.


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