Securing Your Cryptocurrencies

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This course will help to ensure you have the most secure cryptocurrency setup possible, which is fundamental in ensuring that your cryptocurrency isn't vulnerable to hackers.


Welcome to this section of the course, which is all about ensuring you have the most secure cryptocurrency setup possible, an aspect which is of utmost importance, all in the aim of ensuring your newfound wealth isn't vulnerable to hackers. In this lecture, I want to give you an introductory rundown of what we'll be discussing in this section before immersing ourselves with cryptocurrency security. So, let's take it from the top. One: the importance of security. Before diving into security best practices in this section, we must highlight why security is a pressing issue that you should be taking on board when it comes to protecting your cryptocurrency portfolio, absolutely crucial. Two: how to safeguard your portfolio. Following on from the security notice, we'll dive into the best practices kicking it off with how to safeguard your cryptocurrency portfolio. This will cover many strategies that can be deployed right now. Three: hot wallets versus cold wallets. From there, we'll go into hot versus cold wallets. Once again, highlighting you understand the difference when it comes to setting up a wallet, therefore, being fully aware of your security settings when it comes to storing your crypto within those specific wallets. Four: choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. Finally, we'll discuss how to choose a cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to buying and selling. There are a few pointers which we'll share that should be taken on board. From there, we'll then round off with a lecture summarizing this section, but as a whole, that is how this whole section is structured to help you secure your cryptocurrencies. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture where we'll be going over the importance of security.

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