Smart Contract Development with Solidity
Course Introduction

This course provides a deep dive into the Solidity programming language which is used to implement smart contracts on blockchain platforms. This course will give you a practical understanding of Solidity and how to develop your own smart contracts.


Welcome to the practical part of the complete blockchain course.

In this part, you will learn everything concerning Ethereum, smart contracts, the tooling, applications, and that's hands-on. My name is Thomas and I will be your guide throughout this hands-on part of blockchain development.

So, question, what is the first program you usually write when you start learning a new programming language? Right, that's a Hello World program. A simple, yet full program to run through the workflow quickly. Before we go step-by-step through variables, types, functions, arrays, mapping, structs, reading and writing functions, and so on, we start with a simple yet complete smart contract.

Without knowing too much of what exactly smart contracts are or how smart contracts work quite yet, we will write a tiny Hello World smart contract and deploy it. After that, in the rest of the section, I will teach you everything you need to know about smart contracts in a step-by-step way.

By the end of this section, you will know what smart contracts are, how they work, and you will be able to read and understand complicated smart contracts on your own.

Now, let's dive right into the first lecture and get your hands on the keyboard. Let's go.

About the Author

Tom is a CTO, senior back-end developer, and systems architect with over twenty years of hands-on development experience in a variety of languages and systems. He has a CS master's degree and has been working with Ethereum and blockchain technologies since 2016.

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