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Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Preparation for AWS
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Data Services
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Course Description

In this course, you'll gain a solid understanding of the key concepts for Domain Five of the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification: Data Storage. We will explore AWS storage services and how we can implement those in the most effective and efficient manner.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you'll have the tools and knowledge you need to successfully accomplish the following requirements for this domain, including:

  • Demonstrate ability to make architectural trade off decisions involving storage options.
  • Demonstrate ability to make architectural trade off decisions involving database options.
  • Demonstrate ability to implement the most appropriate data storage architecture.
  • Determine use of synchronous versus asynchronous replication

Intended Audience

This course is intended for students seeking to acquire the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification. It is necessary to have acquired the Associate level of this certification. You should also have at least two years of real-world experience developing AWS architectures.


As stated previously, you will need to have completed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, and we recommend reviewing the relevant learning path in order to be well-prepared for the material in this one.

This Course Includes

  • Expert-led instruction and exploration of important concepts.
  • Complete coverage of critical Domain Five concepts for the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional certification exam.

What You Will Learn

  • The various data storage services available within the AWS ecosystem. 
  • Domain Five relevant skills and knowledge for passing the exam. 
  • Synchronous vs asynchornous replication. 

About the Author

Learning paths21

Andrew is an AWS certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefit from AWS technologies. Andrew has worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.  His favorite Amazon leadership principle is "Customer Obsession" as everything AWS starts with the customer. Passions around work are cycling and surfing, and having a laugh about the lessons learnt trying to launch two daughters and a few start ups.