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Project Review

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Ability to manage the lifecycle of an application on AWS

Demonstrate ability to implement the right architecture for environments

Position and select most appropriate AWS deployment mechanism based on scenario

Demonstrate the ability to design a loosely coupled system

Demonstrate ability to implement the most appropriate front-end scaling architecture

Demonstrate ability to implement the most appropriate middle-tier scaling architecture

Demonstrate ability to implement the most appropriate data storage scaling architecture

Determine trade-offs between vertical and horizontal scaling


Now that we've finished Acme Printing's new system, we can take a look at how this scenario applies to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional cert. With Acme Printing, we were given three phases to build our solution. It was necessary for us to understand both the full project objectives, and each phase's individual requirements, and objectives. For example, the main goal of the first phase was to eliminate as much of the manual process as possible without impacting users. The project objectives included low cost, tight security, high availability, and little to no infrastructure to manage. An important aspect of meeting these objectives was to ensure that the work we performed in Phase One was not thrown away. It had to be work that we could build upon in subsequent phases. To be successful, we had to consider these objectives in every decision we made, starting with the workflow design and continuing with the AWS services we chose in order to meet the requirements. That brings us to another lesson we can learn from the Acme Printing scenario. We needed a strong understanding of the various AWS offerings. Early in the design piece, we could have implemented an Amazon Simple Workflow solution. It offers a combinations of system and human tasks. But instead, we chose to use Amazon Simple Notification Service and Lander, after considering the advantages and disadvantages between those AWS services. Amazon Simple Workflow Service could have required some infrastructure, in which Acme Printing did not want. If we didn't know AWS very well, we could have built a less ideal solution. So, understanding the objectives and the AWS offerings are vital to being successful on the AWS Certified Solutions Professional Exam. The exam will ask questions based on scenarios. It may offer more than one solution that could work, though only one solution is ideal. It's up to you to pass the questions and potential solutions, like we did with the Acme Printing scenario, and try and choose the one that best matches the outcome that's being asked of us.

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