JavaLP2 Intro


JavaLP2 Intro
JavaLP2 Intro


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- [Instructor] Hello and welcome to the Advanced Java Programming learning path presented to you by Cloud Academy. In this course we'll introduce you to the learning path contents, intended audience, learning objectives, and prerequisites. Before we start, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Cook. I'm one of the trainers here at Cloud Academy, specializing in DevOps. Feel free to connect either with myself or the wider team here regarding anything presented within this learning path. You can email us at The Advanced Java Programming learning path is the second of two Java related learning paths. Following on from the Introduction to Java learning path, this learning path will deepen and expand your knowledge of the Java programming language and framework. By taking this learning path, you will advance your Java programming skills required to build robust, performant, scalable, and enterprise ready applications. This learning path consists of a blend of instructional courseware, together with several hands on labs, where you will be challenged to put into practice concepts such as Generics, JDBC, dependency injection, Streams, Lambdas, and many more. Learning this way will enable you to practice with the technologies directly, providing you with valuable experience. The learning path concludes with an exam to assess your knowledge of the subject matter presented. As you move through this learning path, you'll be given the opportunity to put into practice the Java concepts we cover. This is accomplished through the use of several guided hands-on labs. Within these labs you'll be presented with different Java coding challenges where you'll need to author code and compile various applications to complete the given challenge. By doing so, you will gain valuable experience and build confidence in writing robust, performant, strongly-typed Java programs. The intended audience for this learning path includes: software engineers interested in advancing their Java skills; software architects interested in using advanced features of Java to design and build both applications and frameworks; anyone interested in advanced Java application development and associated tooling; and anyone interested in understanding the advanced areas and features of the Java SDK. By completing this learning path, you will deepen your knowledge of advanced features of the Java language syntax and SDK; be able to put into use the advanced features of the Java language to build and compile robust enterprise grade applications; and understand how and when to apply object oriented principles such as abstraction, polymorphism, and inheritance, etc. The following prerequisites will be both useful and helpful for this learning path: a basic understanding of the Java language; a basic understanding of software development; and a basic understanding of the software development life cycle. Okay, the learning path introduction has now been completed. Go ahead and close this lecture, and we'll see you shortly in the first course.