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TOGAF 9.1 Foundation and Certified Level 1 and 2 


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About the Author

After nearly ten years as a Senior University Lecturer, teaching Electronics, Computer Hardware and Software, during which time he was also a consultant to a number of commercial organisations, I joined Parity Training as a Senior Consultant in 1997.

Excellent communication and broad range of skills & knowledge is an essential requirement for the successful delivery of courses in both IT & Management training. Being the Logistics Business manager of Parity Training I had an overall responsibility for the allocation of all resources (trainers, materials & room set-up), for the successful delivery of Training. As the IT Manager with excellent technical knowledge and background in systems & networking, I was also responsible for development and maintenance all IT infrastructure & systems within Parity Training as well as their data security (Data Protection Officer). Cost monitoring & control is a key requirement for the role of Purchasing Manager ensuring spending is within agreed budgets. Excellent organisational skills and communication is key component of managing three complex departments (Resourcing, IT & Purchasing).

Namir is now a Principal Learning Consultant with vast knowledge spanning IT Systems (computer hardware, operating systems, networking, databases & programming languages), system Analysis & design, Modelling (UML & ArchiMate), Business Change, TOGAF9 and Project Management (Prince2TM). With excellent presentation skills and a solid background, he ensures that all clients gain maximum benefit from his courses. He has successfully guided those new to the industry through their initial training, helped experienced IT staff as they progress in their careers and worked at management level advising on best use and practice, as well as adapting and customising courses to fulfil the exact needs of clients.