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Using Ajax with JSP


What is Ajax?
Using Ajax with JSP

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Using Ajax with JSP

In this course, we explore Ajax and how it is used in Java web applications. We will also cover how to use Ajax with JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JavaServer Faces (JSF).

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of Ajax
  • Learn how it can be used with JSP and JSF

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who already has basic knowledge of Java and now wants to learn about Java EE 6.


Basic knowledge of Java programming.


Hello, dear friends. In this video, we will learn how to use Ajax in JSP pages. Let's begin. In the previous video, we have already made a form. Now first, I want to define a new servlet and new JSP file. Match servlet and JSP. Now I will copy form elements from old JSP. If you want, you can do this operation on your old page, but I want to share this project with you so I will do this operation on a new page. I will show employee details in a div under the form. First, let's adjust form. Let's delete these values one by one. Now, change form method with get. Let's add an action like AjaxAction. Let's give an ID to the form. With this ID, we will call Ajax operation. First, we need a new div under the form. Let's give an ID to this div. With this ID, we will set employee's detail. Done. Now, we can use JavaScript or jQuerry, there is no difference. For us, I want to use jQuery. First, in jQuery website, please download any jQuery version. Now, we will add this to our project. Add jQuery.

Now, we will define this jQuery's path. Now, let's write our Ajax script, "script." First, define a form variable. Set our form. Form submit function. Now, we will use Ajax. Let's define properties. Type, this asks us the method type, our type is get. If you want, you can set form method also. URL is the form servlet name that we have given Ajax servlet. Data is the result type. Let's give form serialize. Now, function is ready. After function, we will get a success code and data. Success function data. Let's set this data to the div. There are many ways to set text to the div, like append or inner html or text. Now, let's go to the servlet, and adjust our return text in doGet method because we will call doGet method. First, get parameters one by one. Now, merge all of them in a text. With PrintWriter, we can send this. Writer print all text. Done. Let's try. Fill the areas. Click the button and as you can see, the new text is here, and the page didn't refresh. Let's change values and try again. Great. We have now learned how to use Ajax with JSP. However, using a Jackson JSF files is simpler than in JSP. We will learn how to use a Jackson JSF in the next video. Until the next video, take care.


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