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Using AWS X-Ray to monitor a Node.js App deployed with Docker containers

The course is part of these learning paths

Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification Preparation for AWS

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Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers

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DevOps Engineer – Professional Certification Preparation for AWS

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Using AWS X-Ray to Monitor a Node.js App
Course Introduction2m 12s
Why AWS X-Ray?2m 22s
Introduction to the AWS X-Ray Service16m 35s
Using AWS X-Ray to Monitor a Node.js App Deployed With Docker Containers16m 31s
Conclusion1m 18s
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Duration38m 58s


AWS X-Ray makes it possible for you to monitor, trace and visualize activity across multiple application touch points. 

 In this course we will:

Introduce the AWS X-Ray service and the functionality that it provides. 
Explain the functions of the AWS X-Ray service and how to use AWS X-Ray with other AWS services. 
Demonstrate how to use the AWS X-Ray Console - highlighting key areas such as the Service Map and Tracing windows.
Demonstrate how to implement a Docker based Node.js application using the AWS X-ray SDK.

This is an Intermediate level course aimed at AWS professionals looking to learn how to use this important new AWS service in real world deployments. 

The demo / build files for this course are available here 

About the Author

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Jeremy is a Cloud Researcher and Trainer at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing technical training documentation for security, AI, and machine learning for both AWS and GCP cloud platforms.

He has a strong background in development and coding, and has been hacking with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 20+ years.

In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on Cloud, Security, AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and CICD.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for both AWS and GCP platforms.

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