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Demo: Deploy and Test Load Balancer using Azure Portal

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Duration2h 30m


During this lecture, we'll take a look at deploying the Microsoft Azure Load Balancer using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) JSON Template. This contains a full demo of a functioning Load Balancer, including two Virtual Machines and their corresponding Network Interfaces, a Virtual Network, and a Storage Account. After deploying the environment, we'll use PowerShell Remoting to install Internet Information Services (IIS) on both VMs and create a static webpage, and then disable IIS on one of the VMs to demonstrate how the Load Balancer health probe automatically removes the "dead" VM from the rotation.


Transcript unavailable for this lecture.

About the Author

Trevor Sullivan is a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell, and enjoys working with cloud and automation technologies. As a strong, vocal veteran of the Microsoft-centric IT field since 2004, Trevor has developed open source projects, provided significant amounts of product feedback, authored a large variety of training resources, and presented at IT functions including worldwide user groups and conferences.