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AWS Migration Hub

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Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Preparation for AWS (2019)
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Getting Started with Migrating to AWS
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Course Introduction
AWS Migration Hub
AWS Server Migration Services
Course Summary
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In this course we will learn to recognise and explain the migration services available from AWS and AWS partners, and how to run a migration using the AWS Server Migration Service. 

Intended Audience
This course is suited to anyone running or involved in a cloud migration project. As a pre-requisite I recommend completing our “Getting Started with Cloud Migration” course first so you have some understanding of migration projects and the benefits of the migration services to a cloud migration project.

Learning Objectives 
In this course we will learn to apply and use the migration services available from AWS.
First we will explore the AWS Migration Hub service - which provides a simple way to discover, track and manage the migration of severs and applications.
Then we will learn to use and apply the AWS Application Discovery Service - which provides a way to discover and audit applications and servers running in both hardware and virtualized environments.
Following that we will apply and use the AWS Server Migration Service within the migration hub to manage migrating virtual machines from a onpremise or datacenter environment to the AWS public cloud.

I recommend completed our Getting Started with Migrating to the Cloud course prior to this course so you understand of the basic concepts and benefits of cloud migrations. If you are new to Cloud Computing,  I'd recommend considering completing our What is Cloud Computing? course first so you have an understanding of cloud computing concepts. 

Course Agenda
This course is a blend of instructional learning and demonstration. In this course we cover the following topics:

  • The AWS Migration Hub - which provides a simple way to manage migration of severs and applications.
  • The AWS Discovery Services -we explore the AWS Discovery Connector and the Discovery Agent which enable us to audit and quantify a migration project. 
  • The AWS Server Migration Service - which provides a way to manage migrating vmware and HyperV virtual machines to the AWS Cloud. 

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About the Author

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Andrew is an AWS certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefit from AWS technologies. Andrew has worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.  His favorite Amazon leadership principle is "Customer Obsession" as everything AWS starts with the customer. Passions around work are cycling and surfing, and having a laugh about the lessons learnt trying to launch two daughters and a few start ups.