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Who is Nubity

Nubity is a cloud management platform which integrates the main public and private cloud providers around the world. With Nubity, companies are able to manage all their servers through a centralized dashboard, monitor their servers, apps and even their business and receive alerts if something is wrong. More importantly, they are able to delegate the server management with an expert team of sysadmins and cloud engineers 24x7.

Nubity team
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The Need for a Solution

We needed to implement a way to have everyone stay up to date with the latest services and trends in cloud computing since our team kept growing, and the offering expanding. We were looking for a platform that allows us to track the hours and topics the team spent learning new content and improving their skills.

A Solution in Action

We started using Cloud Academy as a way to prepare the team to take AWS certifications Exams. Since the team is distributed in three cities and works 24x7, a standard classroom-lead course wouldn't work. Cloud Academy allows the team to take advantage of courses online in their spare time, even if it's just for a few minutes, to improve their skills and prepare for the exams. They are able to take the courses anytime of the day, even weekends if they prefer. It also gives us full visibility of the progress of each of the team member, and we get really good metrics on which subjects they need to improve upon and which ones they have stronger knowledge in.

The Results

So far we achieved outstanding results with Cloud Academy. The team really enjoys working with the platform, the gamification of the e-learning process works great to motivate them to continue to grow. Half of the team is putting between 4 and 6 hours a week on AWS training, and some of them are discovering new technologies like Docker and Google Cloud Platform.

How can we help you?

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